Start date: 30.07
psychology of MAKE-UP
Become the best version of yourself in 5 days

1.Persistent eye makeup. Simple and affordable.

2.Eyebrows. What and how to paint eyebrows.

3.Lips. Everyone can make a contour. Rules for building dark or red lipstick.

4.Blush, face modeling and highlighter. What, where and why.

5.Final webinar with the secrets of makeup psychology from the dressing room of theater and cinema.

* The webinar will be available for those girls who learn four video lessons!

It will last 1.5 -2.0 hours. You will be able to ask your questions.
For those who want to turn routine daily makeup into a creative and interesting process

For thinking women who understand that goals are achieved faster with the right looks

For those who want to quickly and beautifully apply makeup

For those who do not want to wear makeup and adds age

For those who are not understood by makeup artists

For travelers and those who love photos

For bloggers looking for a clear image. Beautiful photos and videos.

For make-up artists who are tired of formulaic makeup and want to go to another level of clients.
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- Worked as a makeup artist on a TV channel
-Ukrainian make-up champion
-Silver World champion in team composition, Chicago
-Conducted 4 group training courses in Germany.
- Founder of the author's school of make-up Yevgenia Kononenko
-Developed the author's associative teaching methodology
-Experience in the profession for more than 20 years
Yevgenia Kononenko
What do I need for a training/webinar?
To pass, you will need a computer / laptop or phone and a desire to learn.
How much time should I devote to training/webinars?
You will need at least 2 hours of training
The webinar lasts 1.5-2 hours, depending on the questions asked.
Will a diploma/certificate of completion be issued?
If you complete all the modules of our program, you will receive a certificate / diploma by email upon completion of your training.
Payment for courses is paid 100%, the payment system provides for issuing installments/partial payments. Please check during the payment process whether installments or partial payments are possible.
Refund of funds
You can request a refund if you paid for the course with your own funds before it started. Also, if the training materials have not been viewed.
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